It’s a nightmare: a couple from England paid a fortune to remove a Banksy drawing from the wall of their house

According to journalists, the graffiti was a culture shock for the spouses and the local council at first, but annoying tourists and vandals forced the British to adopt harsh methods.

It was a curse, not a pleasure, for the legendary artist Banksy to paint the house of a married couple in England. People had to pay about $250,000 to remove it. This was reported by The Daily Mail on May 24.

According to the publication, on the morning of August 2021, the artist painted a nearly 20-metre flying seagull on the wall of the home of Harry and Gokeana Coutts, who live in Suffolk, north of London.

The couple then lived in a different area and were renting out their house in Suffolk, one day they received a phone call and it was said that the pier suddenly appeared near their house. At the time, Mr Coutts and his wife said they thought the city had repaired the chimney, but the next day the scaffolding was gone and replaced with a piece of art, which later turned out to be the work of legendary street artist Banksy. .

According to the local council, it had an “extremely positive cultural and economic impact in East Suffolk,” but according to the owners of the house, the event turned out to be a real nightmare as the couple had to hire a night watchman to protect it. artwork

“One time, someone stole the dock the artist was standing on and tried to sell it on Facebook. Another time, vandals were caught with a dozen white paint cans. It looks like they were going to paint it (image – ed.) The couple told reporters.

Subsequently, the poor couple awaited unpleasant situations, with the long queues of tourists constantly surrounding their house and the theft of the pier, and then an attempt to sell them.

“It was incredible at first, but as things developed it got extremely stressful. I’m not sure Mr. Banksy was aware of the unforeseen consequences for the hosts. If we could turn back time, we would.” Coutt said.

As a result, the couple decided to dismantle the artwork with its subsequent preservation. The 22-tonne artwork was removed along with the wall overnight in April after the couple hired a construction firm and city council officials approved the closure of the road. Prior to that, the construction company reinforced the wall with 12 layers of resin, fiberglass, and five tons of steel, and then lifted the entire wall with a 40-foot crane. The entire operation cost the couple more than £200,000 (about $250,000).

Recall that the legendary street artist Banksy drew seven graffiti in Kiev, Irpin, Gorenka, Borodianka. She personally confirmed her writing on Instagram and then even posted a video about it, she. Banksy’s Ukrainian graffiti is estimated to cost between $1 and $10 million.

We also remember that in December last year it was learned that unknown persons cut the wall and stole the graffiti created by British artist Banksy in early November.

Source: Focus


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