‘Spooky time capsule’: Family opens room locked for 20 years (Image)

Dayanna Flores described how she and her siblings discovered a secret room in their late great-grandmother’s home that had been closed for over two decades.

Mexican Dayanna Flores shared her surprise after opening a secret room in her great-grandmother’s home. These images quickly spread on the Internet. The mirror writes about it.

According to the Mexican, her grandmother told her that the mystery room had not been opened since her great-grandmother died 20 years ago.

The woman, who was with her siblings, decided to open the old sealed wooden door herself by sharing these images on TikTok. Many of those who saw the videos shared by the family said they had “goosebumps” from what they found.

Opening the door of her family home in Sonora, Mexico, Dayanna and her siblings found religious paintings and sealed boxes inside, along with several Catholic statues. The room also contained old furniture, figurines, and items that once belonged to her late great-grandmothers.

“There was a lot of religious stuff inside, a lot of stuff had piled up,” the woman says.

In the future, the family plans to vacate the room and plan to rearrange it in the near future. Meanwhile, it remains a “creepy time capsule” untouched for two decades.

Two intriguing videos went viral with over 45.2 million and 8.7 million views respectively, and many of Dianna’s followers were alarmed by the finding.

“I got goosebumps when he showed me what’s inside,” wrote one in the audience.

Previously Focus He wrote that the 400-year-old painting depicts a fashion item from the future. A portrait on display at the National Gallery surprised art lovers when they realized there was evidence of time travel of a mother and her daughter. The painting was made in the 17th century.

It was also reported that when the man discovered a mysterious door in the basement of his new home, he encountered a situation reminiscent of a horror movie scenario. Access to it was blocked by a metal locker.

Source: Focus


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