Untitled sweets: Brazilian dies after eating chocolate given as birthday present (photo)

Lindachi Viegas Batista de Carvalho began receiving threats via social networks on the eve of the tragedy. Answering the “suspicious” call from the courier with a package, the woman received poisoned marshmallows.

In Brazil, 54-year-old Lindachi Viegas Batista de Carvalho died after eating poisoned chocolate sent to her by an unknown sender. Now the police are trying to find the killer. The Daily Mail writes about it.

A woman received flowers and candy from an unknown sender in honor of her birthday. When the Brazilian bit off a piece of the chocolate offered, she felt a sharp weakness and lost consciousness. Arriving doctors were able to detect the death of only one woman.

Police are currently investigating the case. The chocolate analysis is expected to be completed within 30 days.

Relatives of the deceased also claim to have received threats via social networks on the eve of the tragedy. On May 20, he answered a “suspicious” call from a courier with a package.

According to his family, he said he feared the chocolates “may have been poisoned” after receiving a string of threats from a specific person whose name was not disclosed on social media.

“Everything was so cruel and deliberate,” his sister added.

After calling a courier, Carvalho asked her to drop the package so she could pick it up at her current boyfriend’s store in the north of town.

The publication states that the son of the birthday girl tried the chocolates, but spit, saying that they were tasteless. Carvalho started eating candy after her ex-husband told her it was a gift. After an unfortunate incident, the man began to claim that he was joking and did not know who had sent them.

According to the victim’s sister, she had a good relationship with her husband and does not find him suspicious.

The investigation will analyze the chocolate for traces of any substance that may have caused his death. Results are expected within a month. Police are also investigating the ex-girlfriend of Carvalho’s current partner.

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Source: Focus


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