LA Galaxy fires its president Chris Klein for “not meeting goals”

This Tuesday, through the announcement expected by many, Los Angeles Galaxy formally announced the resignation of its president Chris Klein for not achieving previously set goals or meeting the standards set by the club.

In a letter circulated on social media, President Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), Danny Beckermanexplained the reasons for the decision, thanked the former director for his years of service, and insisted on finding new management. “As a club, we didn’t reach our goals and we didn’t reach the standards we set for LA Galaxy,” he said.

“We believe it is best for the Club to make a change and start a comprehensive process to find a new leader that will bring the Club back to the level our fans and members expect. we are grateful Chris for years of dedication and commitment Los Angeles Galaxy as a player and leader,” he added.

In the letter, the Los Angeles team also dispelled any doubts about the technical direction and confirmed that Greg Vanni “will continue to command all football operations, reporting directly to Beckerman.”

The statement also contains the institutional response of the former president, who thanked for the trust placed in him and expressed his love for the club. “I’d like to thank Phil Anschutz and Dan Beckerman for the opportunity to be President of LA Galaxy for the past 11 years.”

“My family and I love this club and I am grateful to have spent 16 years in this organization as a player and manager. Thank you to our fans, partners, players, coaches and staff for the passion, dedication and hard work.” Chris Klein, who joined the Los Angeles Galaxy in January 2013, under his leadership the club was able to win only one title, received in 2014.

Control Klein been questioned for some time for some decisions, such as when hiring Christian Pavon in 2019 from Boca Juniors, but he was not marked as a designated player. This caused it Galaxy was in breach of that season’s wage budget.

Sanction from the side MLS at the time it was a director’s suspension until May of that year, plus a $1 million financial penalty and another million in general money for future distribution.

Poor sports results, such as the last two playoff eliminations against staunch rival city, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) They also made a dent and the fans started pushing to the point where Klein He came to promise his departure.

A few months ago, at the beginning of the season, part of the fans organized protests and “banners” against the leadership Klein and there were even boycotts of attendance at some local matches, such as the March 18 match.

At the moment, Galaxy is in one of the worst sporting moments ever, with a never-before-seen campaign start and bottom western conference. Nine falls, three draws and only two wins in 14 games, nine units in total.

Author: Alfredo Di Cesare
Source: La Opinion


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