REN TV will tell how a computer program intimidated its creator

Photo: © Unsplash

Photo: © Unsplash

In Russia, they plan to involve a neural network in the search for lost pets.

NtechLab developers plan to launch a service where a desperate owner can simply upload a photo of a cat or dog. And artificial intelligence will look for a pet by comparing pictures. It is assumed that the system will compare photos of the animal with footage from CCTV cameras, and it is also planned to cooperate with organizations to search for missing animals.

“The company has released the first version of the pet recognition system – cats and dogs – and is preparing to test it in several regions of Russia. A free Telegram bot, a mobile phone application and a website are being discussed as scenarios,” – said the representative of the company Alexander Thomas.

Neural networks continue to evolve. In what areas of our lives has artificial intelligence already penetrated? How did a computer program intimidate its creator? Which prime minister has a fake assistant? And who can already be replaced by neural networks? Details about this and much more – in the program “Science and Technology” with the host Mikhail Borzenkov. The science blockbuster will be released on Sunday, June 4 at 10:30 a.m. on REN TV.

Source: Ren


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