Spy or not? The remains of a hot air balloon were found near the military unit in Poland.

Polish media carefully note that the balloon has Cyrillic inscriptions and comes “from the east”.

The remains of a balloon were found in the city of Kalishki (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). The found pieces were seized by the police and later handed over to the army for examination. It’s possible this was a spy ball. Reported by RMF FM.

The object was found in a cornfield 4 kilometers from Biala Piska on Saturday morning. This is important because there is a training ground and a large military unit a few kilometers away.

The owner of the field immediately reported the find to the police, who did so. The message that the balloon was found was confirmed by the police and the Armed Forces Operations Command.

It is not known whether this was an ordinary air balloon brought by the wind or the discovery was made with the help of this balloon. Although preliminary studies point to the first version. However, nothing can be ignored.

The farmer, who found the remains of the balloon, said that under the foil dome of the balloon there was a foam box, antenna and Cyrillic inscriptions could be read on the balloon. And he came from the east.

The fact that this could be a weather balloon is evidenced by the fact that the radar systems did not detect violations of Polish airspace.

Recall that on May 13 in Poland they were already looking for a balloon from Belarus. 50 fighters of the Territorial Defense Forces were looking for a cannon on the border of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Mazovian voivodeships. Command spokesman Witold Sura urged local residents to contact operational services if the object’s remains are found.

And in Russia, after the ban on the launch of unmanned aerial vehicles, they propose to ban the launch of balloons, explaining this as an environmental concern.

Source: Focus


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