Russian Ambassador Alipov: US is putting pressure on India to “tear” it from Russia

Photo: © Global Look Press/Vishal Bhatnagar/

Photo: © Global Look Press/Vishal Bhatnagar/

Russian Ambassador to New Delhi Denis Alipov in a big interview “Izvestia” spoke about the fact that the collective West, led by the United States, is trying to “tear” India from Russia, but all attempts have so far failed.

Western pressure on India continues, and the US is formulating its policy in this regard openly – to tear it away from Russia. Maintaining friendly relations with our country is in the national interests of India, and I believe that she will not renounce them at anyone’s whim.“, – said Alipov.

He also noted that in the face of confrontation between Russia and the West, India demonstrates independence in the political course, and pressure on the country does not work. This also applies to economically driven decisions.

In particular, we are talking about the oil sector, in which India has become Russia’s largest partner, and over the past year, supplies have grown 12 times. Priority areas in the development of relations between the countries are also the chemical and mining industries, metallurgy and railway engineering.

Earlier in the program “Military Secret” with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV the question was raised why the US is dissatisfied with the independence of India. In particular, the country was openly threatened with the arrival of “democracy” in the form of unrest.

Source: Ren


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