The EC launched an investigation against Poland because of the law on “influence of Russia”

Photo: © Global look press/ Sergey

The EC launched an investigation against Poland because of the law on “influence of Russia”

Photo: © Global look press/ Sergey

The European Commission (EC) announced the start of a procedure for violation of EU law by Poland. The official notice was sent to Warsaw after the country passed a law creating a “commission on Russian influence” on internal security between 2007 and 2022.

As stated in the communique of the European Commission, they carefully checked the new Polish law and revealed deviations from European law in it. Thus, it is pointed out that by establishing a “commission on Russian influence” Poland violates the principles of democracy and legal certainty. In addition, the European Commission believes that the law “steps” on judicial protection and protection of professional secrecy, and also violates the requirements of EU law regarding data protection.

It is emphasized that the adopted law “unlawfully impedes the democratic process” in the country and contains an overly broad definition of Russia’s influence. The European Commission is confident that investigations and hearings of those suspected of “influencing Russia” can damage the reputation of candidates during the elections.

“The conclusion that a person acted under the influence of Russia may limit the effectiveness of the political rights of people elected in democratic elections,” announced in Brussels.

Warsaw has 21 days to respond to the letter from the European Commission. If the claims are not considered by the deadline, the European Commission may decide to send a reasoned opinion as the next step in the procedure for violating EU law.

Earlier, the United States expressed concern over Poland’s commission on “Russia’s influence.”

At the end of May, the Sejm of Poland approved a bill on the establishment of a state commission to investigate cases of Russian influence in the country. The new law provides for the creation of a body with the powers of the prosecutor’s office and the court, which will be able to impose penalties on officials, including suspension for 10 years from political positions.

Polish President Andrzej Duda explained the need to create such a commission by the fact that the Russian authorities allegedly for many years “tried to influence the policies of other countries in various ways.” The leader of the country also called for studying Russian influence throughout Europe.

The signed law received the support of the parliament, but was criticized by the opposition.

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