The West remembered the warnings of the Russian Federation on the issue of NATO expansion

Photo: © Global Look Press/Thomas Trutschel/PHOTOTHEK

Photo: © Global Look Press/Thomas Trutschel/PHOTOTHEK

Russia has warned that NATO expansion will lead to a dead end. This is where the alliance ended up because of Ukraine, said Jan Oberg, director of the Swedish analytical center Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research.

In an article for the Global Times, he stressed that any attempt to act within a strategy that is not consistent with reality, as well as any action outside the agreements, sooner or later will become a wall against which they will have to rest.

Ukraine has become such a wall for the alliance.

Senior Western politicians and all Russian presidents and foreign ministers have repeatedly warned NATO about this possibility over the past 30 years.“, Oberg said.

At the same time, the military means of NATO countries can only be used for self-defense.

Earlier, Oberg said that NATO’s plans to open an office in Tokyo strongly resemble the behavior of an incurable drunkard.

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