Potato of discord: NATO announced a turning point in the conflict in Ukraine

Photo: © TASS/dpa/Christophe Gateau

Photo: © TASS/dpa/Christophe Gateau

Swiss intelligence officer, retired colonel and former NATO adviser Jacques Beaux told the publication Omertathat the time has come for a turning point for the conflict in Ukraine.

According to a retired intelligence officer, the Ukrainian conflict for Washington is a “hot potato” that the US authorities do not want to mess with. At the same time, they continue to demand victory from Kyiv – the only thing that is needed from him, although the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has more than once “started and choked.”

“We are approaching a turning point, a turning point. It is worth thinking about the possibility of negotiations, but no one knows how and in what form to conduct them, how they will begin and end, who will participate in them”– emphasized Jacques Bo.

Neither the West nor Kiev is seeking negotiations, moreover, discontent is growing inside Ukraine because of the unsuccessful counter-offensive, and the battle for Artemivsk, from which Russian soldiers squeezed out the Armed Forces of Ukraine, claimed a significant part of the personnel of the Ukrainian army.

In the West, too, they are beginning to get tired of the conflict, although, according to Jacques Bo, they do not take a direct part in it. However, they feel the consequences “to the full.” The ex-NATO adviser pointed out that the Western authorities themselves do not know what a successful end to the conflict should look like.

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