The teacher called the “worst” name of the child that he had heard in all his years of study.

A teacher told her daughter about a boy who was once a student in her class and was given a very unusual name by her parents.

A teacher’s daughter shared on the popular Reddit forum the “worst” name her mother had heard in her entire career, saying it didn’t fit the boy’s personality in the slightest. The mirror writes about it.

The girl told her story on behalf of her mother. The teacher told her daughter about a boy who was once a student in her class, whom her parents named Thank God.

“My mom used to work at a school and there was a boy named Thank God. He was pretty funny and misbehaving in class, but his atheist teachers were just as yelling, ‘Thank God!’ she heard him shout.” .

In response to her post, other users started sharing “weird” names they’ve heard.

“I know a family of four children: Prince, Princess, Preshes and Becca. Becca is finally killing me,” wrote one forum user.

Previously Focus He wrote that the woman was planning to have four children so that her horoscopes would match. Inbaal Honigman claims to be able to look into the past, talk about the present, and see the future. The Briton calls herself the “Wiccan High Priestess.”

It was also reported that the woman revealed that her best friend was secretly breastfeeding her daughter. The worried mother admitted that she tried not to shout when she noticed this strange situation. She said her daughter felt like she was being abused.

Source: Focus


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