Protesting Moldovan farmers will again bring tractors to the streets of Chisinau



Protesting farmers in Moldova will again bring tractors to the streets of Chisinau on June 27. Farmers Power, an association that organized the protests, said in a statement that the march would take place because the authorities had not listened to farmers’ demands.

Recall that Moldovan farmers asked that the country stop importing cheap and low-quality grain from Ukraine. Because of it, ruin threatens thousands of agricultural enterprises in Moldova.

“Farmers gather tomorrow at 10:00 in the central square and until 11:00 (plan – ed. note) wait for the Minister of Agriculture or (will – ed. note) are ready to delegate representatives to the meeting promised last week. After 11:00: 00 agricultural machinery begins to march through the capital, “- said in a statement from the association.

They also added that they want to point out to the authorities that the gesture of the farmers was not appreciated, and the situation in the country in the agricultural sector continues to deteriorate.

Earlier, farmers in Moldova also acted on June 8, they blocked the central roads with tractors.

Source: Ren


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