‘Fear of death’: man wanted to surprise neighbor by throwing ‘creepy’ note

The woman did not appreciate her neighbor’s strange boasting and returned her “package” to him. Now the man wants to repeat his trick with a different house.

Conflicts between neighbors happen quite often, and sometimes for very stupid reasons. Because of one of these, a woman found herself in an awkward situation when her “creepy” neighbor threw a strange letter under her door. The man tried to impress her in an unusual way. The mirror writes about it.

The man’s attempt to socialize was so bizarre that his best friend posted it on the popular Reddit forum to share his thoughts on the matter. She admitted that this was “strange and pointless” behavior.

“So my friend gets a decent salary of 50k a year. They added another 5,000 to her payroll in June, so it came out something like 9k excluding taxes. It was an accounting mistake and her company realized it before she realized it. She did something to impress her attractive neighbor. opportunity. Friend put the payslip in a clean envelope and stuck it on his door taxes,” wrote a friend of the man.

The author of the topic noted that the buyer did not like the strange boasting.

“He just sent the envelope back at his door, the letter opened. Now he plans to do it with another neighbor, this time with a man who has a bigger house and apparently likes to think he’s rich. I told him. It’s weird and pointless. I’m right, isn’t it?”, The man’s friend finished his story.

The friend “laughs” at the unconventional influence tactic, while other people commented that the memo could be seen as much more ominous or even “creepy”.

“It’s really… terrifying. The poor woman to whom he gave the payroll was probably scared to death… He did her a favor by hanging a red flag look-alike on her door,” wrote one of the forum users.

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Source: Focus


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