The uncontrolled flow of grain from Ukraine caused a shock in Poland

Photo: © TASS/dpa/picture-alliance/Silas Stein

Photo: © TASS/dpa/picture-alliance/Silas Stein

Ukrainian grain is exported to Poland in shocking volumes. Arkadiusz Artyshak, professor at the Warsaw University of Natural Sciences, stated this.

According to him, in the first four months of 2023 alone, the flow of grain from the neighboring country increased 610 times compared to the same period last year. And, perhaps, the statistics do not reflect information about “technical” grain, which is imported under this name, bypassing border control.

“The results of grain imports from Ukraine over the past year and a half shock me”– quotes Artyshak Rzeczpospolita.

At the same time, buyers are counting on the removal of restrictions on imports in early autumn. The professor believes that this will turn into a complete collapse for Polish farmers.

Recall that against the backdrop of protests from farmers in the spring, the Polish authorities decided to impose a ban on the import of Ukrainian grain.

Source: Ren


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