Florida lawmakers ask Biden to protect immigrants from political threats from the Republican Party

More than 30 Florida officials called on President Joe Biden in a letter Tuesday to expand immigration protection for undocumented immigrants in the United States who do not have legal options to legalize their immigration status, and for those whose deportation protection does not exist or is in the potential. danger. such as dreamers and temporary protected status (TPS) holders already in the US.

The letter highlights the threats they pose to undocumented immigrants or those at risk of immigration protection. anti-immigrant measures promoted by the Republican Party and as an example they cite the Florida Act of 1718, which severely sanctioned undocumented immigrants in that state.

“We are writing to you from the state of Florida to urge you to take immediate steps to improve our broken immigration system and protect the immigrant families that have long called America home,” reads a letter sent to Biden, led by Florida Immigration. The coalition is signed by Democratic lawmakers and non-partisan officials from across the state.

Following an escalation of political threats to immigrants, including Gov. Ron DeSantis’ disastrous Senate Anti-Immigrant Bill (SB) 1718, which “could ultimately change their lives and affect the stability of our local communities and economies,” the signatories of the letter stressed the political and economic need for the Biden administration to fix America’s broken immigration system.s guaranteeing protection and work permits for dreamers and long-term immigrants so they can continue to work and live in the US legally and without fear of deportation.

Biden’s letter asks meet the immigration needs of the “long-term population living and working in the United States”, especially undocumented adult immigrants who entered the country as children, citizens of various Latin American countries already enrolled in the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program, and others who may have obtained legal status through family members.

“We urge you to take executive action within your power to provide these families with access to legal protection that will allow them to stay with their family members, including their children and loved ones who are US citizens. Threats to immigrant families continue to grow as extremist politicians propose policies that could ultimately change their lives and affect the stability of our local communities and economies,” the letter says.

The letter also contains a request to the administration reduce the number of outstanding family visas that family members can sponsor and apply for family memberssuch as certain types of green cards and family reunification programs for Cuba and Haiti, which can take years to process.

And they’re backing this push with an April 2023 survey by the Global Strategy Group that found that Most voters support President Biden’s moves to make it easier for undocumented immigrants to apply for work permits and protection from deportation.

“We live, work, pray and play with those who have come to the United States to build a better life for their families,” the letter says. “We encourage you to use your powers to improve life in our states by expanding and expanding the protection of our friends and neighbors.”

Author: Maria Ortiz
Source: La Opinion


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