German authorities did not fire the official after the scandal with Nazi leaflets

Photo: © Global Look Press/IMAGO/Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMO

Photo: © Global Look Press/IMAGO/Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMO

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder decided not to dismiss his own deputy and the head of the Ministry of Economy of the federal state, Hubert Eiwanger, who distributed anti-Semitic leaflets as a schoolboy, as reported by the German media. This is reported Focus.

At the end of last week, Söder set a condition for Eiwanger to respond to questions in a short time after reports published in the media that the Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria, as a schoolboy, handed out anti-Semitic leaflets.

“It’s been 35 years. Nobody stays the same”– are the words of Markus Zeder at a press conference after he read the answers of his deputy.

Zeder noted that the dismissal of Hubert Ivanger would be “a disproportionate decision.” At the same time, the Bavarian prime minister noted that many people might not like his decision, but “the issue is closed” for him.

He added that his deputy admits that he made significant mistakes in his youth, but now he “repented.” The Bavarian Prime Minister also pointed out that there is still no evidence that Hubert Eivanger wrote or printed Nazi leaflets.

Meanwhile, the head of the German Interior Ministry, Nancy Feather, called the decision of the Bavarian prime minister “damage to Germany’s reputation.”

“Zeder made the decision not because of his own position and responsibility, but from simple power calculations”said RND Feather.

Earlier, many German media reported, citing classmates of Hubert Ivanger, that he, being a 17-year-old schoolboy, allegedly distributed anti-Semitic and Nazi leaflets. He denied writing the flyers, but admitted to keeping several of them in a briefcase. Later, Ivanger’s older brother took the blame and said that he was the one who compiled these leaflets. The deputy prime minister of Bavaria himself apologized to the victims of the Nazi regime, but at the same time called the press information a “political campaign” directed against him.

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