Russian history textbook causes scandal in Hungary: Russian ambassador reacts (photo)

Journalists gained access to a draft of a Russian textbook claiming that the 1956 uprising against the pro-Soviet regime of the Hungarian People’s Republic was due to “acts of Western intelligence agencies”, and those involved in the uprising were called “”. radicals”.

The draft of a new history textbook for schoolchildren in the Russian Federation caused a scandal in Hungary. Alexey Kovalev, editor of the Russian edition of Meduza, announced this on the Telegram channel on September 4.

The journalist said he shared with Hungarian colleagues a leaked draft of a textbook written by Russian vice president Vladimir Medinsky and Russian diplomat and historian Anatoly Torkunov.

As Kovalev points out, the passage about the 1956 suppressed uprising by Soviet troops against the pro-Soviet regime of the Hungarian People’s Republic caused a scandal in Hungary.

The authors of the textbook argue that the “Hungarian crisis” was catalyzed by the actions of Western intelligence services and the domestic opposition they support.

“The insurgent radicals, including many ex-combatants of the armed formations of fascist Hungary, drew attention during the uprising not only with vandalism against Soviet monuments and symbols, but also with the numerous killings of representatives of the Hungarian Working People’s Party.” law enforcement and family members” – says in one of the chapters of the textbook.

How did Hungary react?

In his comment on the Origo portal, Tamas Menzer, State Secretary for Bilateral Relations at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejected the textbook authors’ claim that the events of 1956 were a “fascist uprising”.

Tamas Menzer said, “In 1956, the Hungarian people revolted against the communist dictatorship; this is a clear, unambiguous fact and is not a matter of discussion.”

In response, Marton Tomposh, representative of the Hungarian opposition Momentum Movement party, invited the Russian embassy staff to the House of Terror Museum in Budapest, dedicated to the periods of Hungary’s totalitarian history.

What do they say at the Russian embassy

Russian Federation Ambassador to Hungary Yevgeny Stanislavov said that the criticism of the content of the textbook was based on the publication of the Hungarian media using the Meduza portal, which is recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation. source. The diplomat claims that Meduza “specializes in the preparation and dissemination of anti-Russian counterfeit products.”

In Stanislavov’s statement, it is alleged that only one version of the future textbook fell into the hands of journalists. According to him, there were “ten drafts” in total. The ambassador also claims that none of the versions he knows refer to the 1956 uprising as “fascist”.

“All this reminded us of the children’s game ‘spoiled telephone’, in which a word or phrase is transmitted along a chain to the ‘ear’ of the neighbor and the output is completely different from what was originally said.” said the Russian ambassador.

As a result, the diplomat commented on Marton Tomposh’s invitation to the House of Terror.

“The exhibit presented in this museum is well known to us, and it seems to us that it is unlikely to serve as such an inappropriate subject of “humor”, said Evgeny Stanislavov.

Recall that in the updated Russian textbooks there is also a section on the Russian invasion of Ukraine called “Special Military Operation”. In this section, it is stated that the purpose of the so-called “SVO” is to “protect Donbass and proactively ensure the security of Russia”.

Source: Focus


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