Venezuelan Foreign Ministry: US wants to establish a base on the disputed territory of Guyana

Photo: © Global Look Press

Photo: © Global Look Press

The United States wants to place its military base on the disputed territory of Essequibo in order to “militarize” the territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana. This was stated by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Ivan Gil.

He condemned this intention. According to Gil, the United States wants to “seize” Venezuela’s energy resources.

“The Venezuelan Parliament approved a referendum to protect the sovereign territory from the aggression of the US empire, which wants to engage in a war for natural resources,” – stated during his speech at the 78th UN General Assembly.

According to the head of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the American government is once again interfering in the 200-year-old dispute over the territory of Essequibo in order to appropriate Venezuelan oil.

Note that Venezuela and Guyana have been arguing over Essequibo for more than a hundred years. This territory contains large oil reserves.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Venezuela, Sergei Lavrov and Ivan Khil, agreed to strengthen trade ties between the two countries. In addition, they discussed expanding cultural and humanitarian exchanges, as well as improving the legal framework.

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