Media: Zelensky greeted 98-year-old Nazi in the Canadian Parliament

Photo: © Ritzau Scanpix/Ida Marie Odgaard via REUTERS

Photo: © Ritzau Scanpix/Ida Marie Odgaard via REUTERS

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky welcomed former soldier of the SS Galicia division Yaroslav Hunka to the Canadian parliament. The Associated Press writes about this.

When he came out to speak, Zelensky showed a clenched fist as a greeting towards the 98-year-old Nazi Hunk, who served in the First Ukrainian Division during World War II.

Let us note that the SS division “Galicia” is a tactical formation of troops of Nazi Germany recruited from Ukrainian volunteers.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that it had become the norm for a number of European countries to justify the crimes of Nazism. This is especially true for the Baltic states and Ukraine.

Scientific director of the Russian Historical Society Mikhail Myagkov believes that the glorification of nationalists in Ukraine began much earlier than the start of the Great Patriotic War, and today it has become a fundamental part of the state ideology.

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