Russian Embassy: honoring a Nazi will go down in the history of Canadian democracy

Photo: © TASS/Patrick Doyle/The Canadian Press via AP

Photo: © TASS/Patrick Doyle/The Canadian Press via AP

The honoring of the Ukrainian Nazi who served in the SS Galicia division, Yaroslav Hunka, will “forever” go down in the history of Canadian democracy. This was stated at the Russian Embassy in Ottawa.

In fact, this is proof of who Mr. Trudeau and his Liberal team are praising“, the statement notes.

The Russian Embassy called on Canadian citizens to think about who their leaders glorify and what kind of junta they support in Ukraine.

As diplomats noted, Russia condemns any form of glorification of Nazism. The embassy emphasized that the Russian Federation will always remember the heroism of Canadians who fought to free the world from the “Nazi plague” during the Second World War.

Let us recall that the day before the whole world was shocked by the scandal that broke out after the Canadian Parliament twice applauded the “Ukrainian and Canadian hero” Yaroslav Hunke, a 98-year-old Nazi who fought in World War II as part of the SS Galicia division.

The Kremlin stated that it was extremely outraged by what was happening; the Wiesenthal Center expressed its condemnation of the action of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.

In Canada itself, they are also forced to apologize for an act that led to an international scandal.

Earlier, footage of the greeting was shown by The Associated Press. In them, Trudeau, along with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena, greet 98-year-old SS man Hunki with a raised fist. Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada Anthony Rota called the Nazi “a hero of Ukraine and Canada.”

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