Chaos ensues as a ‘cursed’ portrait creates terror in tourist attractions

The painting, by an unknown artist, had been sent to the charity shop twice before. Now he’s in a room of horrors, and according to his staff, scary things are happening there.

A series of terrible events are connected with the “cursed” painting depicting a young girl. It all started when one of London’s tourist attractions decided to buy it as an accessory for £1,600. The Daily Star writes about it.


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Employees of the London Bridge Experience, one of London’s tourist attractions, believe that a “cursed” painting of a young girl may be responsible for many of the incidents they encounter. The portrait was purchased for £1,600 as decoration for a horror chamber. And from that moment on, according to the staff, chaos began.

The publication states that the cameras and televisions at the facility were malfunctioning and the Wifi had stopped working. The technicians called to fix the problem could not find the cause of the problem. Moreover, manager James Kislingbury’s car broke down on his way to pick up the painting. As a result, he suffered a collarbone injury.

Employee Shannon Fagan described how she noticed a ghostly figure in a black skirt while she was working.

“We were looking for props on eBay for props for our new exhibition and came across this portrait. It appealed to James. When he went to the previous owner’s house the dog went crazy and started having car problems on the way back. We’ve had the portrait for a month and it’s only gotten worse since we unpacked it and hung it on the wall,” he said. .

Despite the macabre events, Shannon said he had no plans to throw the painting away and that staff at the London Bridge Experience were used to unusual “activity”.

The painting, by an unknown artist, had been sent to the charity shop twice before. It was first delivered to the Hastings Advice Representative Center store in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, along with a pile of photographs and frames. The woman bought it for just £25 but returned it two days later to store manager Steve, saying he “had a vibe about it”. The man put the portrait back on display with the words “maybe it is cursed.” It was later purchased and returned by another woman who said she “never wanted to see the damn thing again.”

Previously Focus reported that the blogger showed an abandoned house frozen in time. The building, with its broken windows, still contains paintings, toys and furniture. Among the forgotten “treasures” were a piano, a Buzz Lightyear toy and an old rocking horse.

It was also learned that the man looked under the porch of his house and ran away out of fear. He wanted to buy decorative items for Halloween, but it turned out that they were “caught” by dangerous insects.

Source: Focus


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