Putin is in Xi’s service. How a dictator’s visit to China turned into humiliation and slavery

Analyst Alexander Kochetkov perceives Putin’s visit to China as a manifestation of classic Russian servility. Relations between Moscow and Beijing are no longer a dialogue of equal partners, but a conversation between a subject and his master.


That’s how they’re structured in Russia: Humiliate or be humiliated. You can immediately see that things are going badly for them.

Here Skabeeva is already bursting with joy as she reports from North Korea: I like this very much, I like it very much! And there is no arbitrariness, no dictatorship, there are only free, happy people around… If only it were like that for us in Russia!

Once upon a time, Russian propagandists turned their lips to North Korea: they are a starving people, they exist only with the help of us and China. Now he is a role model.

Previously, Putin expected Kim Jong-un to arrive in Moscow on his armored train. And now, when ammunition was needed, the Fuhrer himself went to the Far East of the pre-imperial period to express his kindness and gratitude to his North Korean colleague in the autocracy.

And in front of Comrade Xi, Putin simply crawls, trying to get closer in the photo so that everyone can see who the eldest wife of the great Chinese emperor is. And Putin does not tell reporters about any agreement with Xi Jinping. For there is and can be no agreement; can only be the instructions given by the leader of a superpower to his hapless subjects.

What are the instructions about? About maintaining tensions in the Middle East so that Xi Jinping can negotiate with Joseph Biden on “fair competition conditions”. If an agreement can be reached on an issue at the meeting, which has been preparing for several months, the USA will reassure Israel that China will influence Arab countries. And Russia will delay the terrorist brothers Hamas, whose hands are stained with the blood of civilians who understand each other very well, up to their elbows. More precisely, half a million dollars.

Putin’s “peaceful attitude” also stems from the need to conscientiously fulfill the will of the ruler of the Celestial Empire. Since China wants to trade, not fight, the Führer needs to imitate.

As a child, I heard with my own ears this song on the radio: “Russians and Chinese are brothers forever.” I saw a newsreel telling how a chic restaurant Beijing opened in Moscow. And I remember how it all ended on Damansky Island. China drew its conclusion; will no longer allow equal play. Therefore, for Russia, this is not partnership, but servitude. We have become accustomed to this since the time of the Horde.

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Source: Focus


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