Kibbutz Be’eri was almost completely destroyed by a Hamas attack.

Photo: © Video screenshot

Photo: © Video screenshot

Israel is currently investigating the details of a brutal attack by Hamas militants on the border areas. The attack killed 130 people, the correspondent reported. REN TV Stanislav Grigoriev.

In the villages located near the Gaza Strip, two weeks later, still reminders of the tragedy. Residents mourn the dead.

Dozens of buildings destroyed to the ground, fires with pools of blood and children’s toys scattered among spent cartridges. Kibbutz Beeri was one of the first to take the terrorist attack and this attack turned out to be fatal. 130 people were killed here.

I don’t have feelings yet. It will take time. I’m still stuck on doing, not thinking, not feeling. Need a little more time“says Kibbutz Be’eri member Rami Gold.

Army veteran Rami Gold guarded the kibbutz with a weapon in his hands, and he was among the people who managed to survive the attack. For several hours he and his comrades fought with hundreds of terrorists.

Without an army, just us, less than ten people, against 120-200 well-equipped Hamas terrorists. What happened here? They drove in convoys, as ISIS does, with heavy machine guns on pickup trucks, firing at the road, including hand grenades and RPGs.“, said Rami Gold.

Together with Rami, we walk along the fires and understand: that morning there was a well-planned extermination of civilians.

Not all the houses in this kibbutz were destroyed, but some were destroyed right to the ground, and everywhere we see such pockets of resistance, that is, places where the bandits tried to get either to those who were shooting back or to those who were trying to hide in shelters“, correspondent Stanislav Grigoriev said.

Around six in the morning, almost simultaneously with the attack on the kibbutz, an air raid alert sounded here, but still most of the residents did not wake up and remained in their beds. Terrorists broke into houses and killed everyone they met on their way.

This is how the bandits broke into this house: they shot at the door above the lock, opened it, entered the rooms and staged a real massacre here. Something was burning here, there are also bullet holes in the door, there are shell casings scattered around in huge quantities, and here is the most terrible picture“, the correspondent shows.

The child’s bed is overturned, in the corner there are dozens of bullet holes in the wall and a pool of blood.

This is an ordinary residential building. It is designed to keep families safe in the event of a missile attack. No one could imagine that people would have to lock themselves inside to escape terrorists” says local resident Guy Leibowitz.

Home missile shelters with strong doors saved some families, but people had to spend more than 30 hours in them without water or food. Now the kibbutz is guarded by the army and its representatives promise retribution for the crimes committed here.

These were good people, they were our family. We will protect our family, we will find everyone in Hamas who is responsible and we will eliminate them“IDF spokesman Deron Spielman said.

The terrorists recorded detailed video of their attack using multiple cameras. Now the settlement continues to clear the rubble and, perhaps, new dead bodies will be found.

* ISIS is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

Source: Ren


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