Ex-Pentagon analyst said that Zelensky will not be in Ukraine in 2024

Photo: © Olivier Matthys/Pool via REUTERS

Photo: © Olivier Matthys/Pool via REUTERS

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky may no longer be in the country in 2024, former Pentagon analyst, Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski said in an interview with YouTube– Judging Freedom channel.

“I don’t think he will be in Ukraine. And if he is there, he will sit in a bunker,” — she noted, believing that this would mean the end of the Ukrainian regime.

Kwiatkowski drew attention to the death of the assistant to the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), Valery Zaluzhny, Gennady Chastyakov, in a grenade explosion. What happened, she believes, speaks of the “collapse” of the political and military structure of Ukraine, and Ukrainian politicians and generals are now concerned about survival.

Reports of Western attempts to persuade the Ukrainian leader to negotiate with Moscow, Kwiatkowski added, put Zelensky in a “terrible position” as the world sees the Ukrainian president being controlled by the United States.

“The puppet maker has had enough, the game is over, the show is over. It’s all over for him,” added the expert.

Earlier, ex-adviser to Leonid Kuchma Oleg Soskin said that Ukrainians could rebel against their president Vladimir Zelensky due to his inability to govern the country.

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