Acted like a mini-army: Houthis in Yemen showed footage of the seizure of the Galaxy Leader ship (video)

During the special operation on the cargo ship, the attackers shouted slogans against Israel and made video shows. Moreover, the ship has a very distant relationship with Israel.

A group of Yemeni Houthis seized the Galaxy Leader cargo ship using a military helicopter. The ship’s crew did not resist the armed men who ran around the ship with machine guns in their hands. Footage of the boarding and actions of the Iranian proxy unit published In the Twitter Media Conflict Report.


Children and relatives of 19 Israeli ministers fight as part of the Israeli Armed Forces – media

The Houthis videotaped every step of the special operation. First, they demonstrated how they flew in a helicopter that landed unobstructed on the deck of a cargo ship. Well-equipped men armed with machine guns got out of the helicopter. In the video you can count their approximate number: There were about six people in the frame.

In the footage, armed pirates appear to be operating in a coordinated manner on the ship, like a trained military unit of some sort of mini-army. They burst into the control room and forced the crew to surrender. Then they went into the warehouse – they ran around a large, empty room and shouted “Allahu Akbar” and something about Israel.

In the latest images, the Galaxy Leader is seen advancing surrounded by six boats, each carrying at least two people.

Activities of the Houthis – Details of relations with Israel

Let us also point out that it was learned the day before, on November 19, that the Houthis had seized a cargo ship. The ship was sailing from Turkey across the Red Sea towards India with a crew of 22, including not a single Israeli citizen. The flag of the Bahamas, chartered by the British and rented by the Japanese, flew on the pole. It is known that Israeli businessman Rami Unger is also involved in the ship – part of the ship belongs to him. The pirates said their aim was to attack ships linked to Israel or “flying the flag of the Zionist entity”.

The Houthis are a paramilitary group that has been operating in Yemen since approximately 1994. Their slogans are “Allah is great, the death of the USA, the death of Israel, the curse of the Jews and the victory of Islam.” Yemen is located on the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. From there it is approximately 1900 km to Israel.

The number of group members doubled in ten years and reached 200 thousand people in 2020. At the same time, the Yemeni government states that the Houthis are operating under the leadership of Iran. The network also names other “allies,” including North Korea, Syria, and even Russia.

We remind you that the Israeli Defense Army continues to conduct a special operation against the right-wing Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In particular, on November 17, IDF representatives said that the Israelis had achieved their objectives in the Palestinian area but would continue the action. Meanwhile, the media reported that an underground tunnel belonging to Palestinian terrorists was discovered under one of the hospitals in Gaza.

Source: Focus


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