Nine killed in mine attack in Peru

Photo: © Global Look Press/Mariana Bazo/XinHua

Photo: © Global Look Press/Mariana Bazo/XinHua

In Peru, armed men attacked a mine in the province of Patas. As a result, at least nine people were killed and another 15 were injured. This was reported by the Peruvian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The incident occurred on the night of December 2. A group of armed criminals entered the facilities of the Poderosa mining company, located in the province of Patas, Libertad region.

Collided with company security and took four people hostage“, the department clarified.

The attackers detonated an explosive device inside the mine, after which people were killed and injured.

The situation was brought under control by the national police. Currently, law enforcement officers have already detained seven alleged criminals.

As noted on the RPP radio station, the criminal group Tren de Aragua could have participated in organizing the attack. It originated in Venezuela.

Earlier, one person was killed and one was injured in an attack at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Source: Ren


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