The Economist: Sweden and the Netherlands want to stop supporting Ukraine

Photo: © Global Look Press/Tech. Sgt. JD Strong II/Keystone Press Agency

Photo: © Global Look Press/Tech. Sgt. JD Strong II/Keystone Press Agency

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party Geert Wilders may stop funding Ukraine. Sweden can support their position. The Economist writes about this.

The publication notes that countries also want to deprive Kyiv of the opportunity to become a member of the European Union.

Germany was also skeptical and now says its hands are tied“, – commented journalists take Germany’s position on support for Ukraine.

The article clarifies that recently only Orban spoke out against financing Ukraine, and now the opinions of other European leaders also differ. They cannot decide whether to allocate an additional 50 billion euros to help Kyiv.

The authors of the publication believe that the fate of Ukraine will become a little clearer after the EU summit, which is scheduled for December 14 and 15. However, they do not expect Kyiv to hear anything positive for itself.

Earlier, the Dutch government canceled a project to accommodate from 500 to 1.5 thousand refugees from Ukraine in the municipality of Purmerend. It was noted that the lack of government funding makes it impractical to locate a reception facility of this size in Purmer Zuid Zuid or anywhere else in the municipality. Local residents also abandoned this initiative because they themselves are facing housing problems.

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