Tesla Cybertruck will be able to accelerate to 96 km/h in less than 3 seconds

Photo: © Global Look Press/Cover Images/Keystone Press Agency

Photo: © Global Look Press/Cover Images/Keystone Press Agency

Elon Musk’s new electric truck was demanded to be banned. A day after the presentation and announcement of sales, a petition appeared on the Internet. Motorists say: Cybertruck poses a danger to pedestrians. Doubts were also raised by the controversial design and inflated cost. Correspondent REN TV Stanislav Grigoriev figured out why the cyberbeast did not live up to expectations.

People are on hand here, and robots play the main role. The American Cybertruck pickup truck is being tested for bulletproofness.

The droid is holding the legendary Thompson, the weapon of American gangsters. But there are only dents on the doors. True, the Cybertruck passed this test in 2019, during its first presentation. He survived being shot by bullets, but he didn’t survive being hit by a metal ball. But Elon Musk continues to tirelessly praise his brainchild.

“It can tow a Porsche 911 and still go faster than that Porsche could go on its own.” – says entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The top-end and, naturally, the most expensive version of the Cybertruck accelerates to hundreds in less than three seconds. Management is completely computerized and from one panel. By all indications, America is in for a momentous event in the world of automotive manufacturing. It’s just not clear yet what sign it will have – plus or minus.

“This car will be different. It is made for those who want to stand out from the crowd. With a huge, monstrous, stainless steel pickup truck, this will be very easy to do. So I suspect that it will be very, very in demand. Plus you have to understand , that it is very load-bearing”, – explains Vice-President of the National Automobile Union Anton Shaparin.

The United States is basically a pickup truck country. Huge Ford and Dodge are as common here as Lada and Solaris. But the price, and it starts from more than 60 thousand dollars and reaches a hundred, in one second makes the new product the most expensive in the list of such cars. Mere mortals definitely won’t ride it, except perhaps shocking fans. By the way, how safe is it?

Crash tests show that in almost any collision, the driver of a Cybertruck is likely to survive. But it’s better for pedestrians to avoid the cyberbeast as far as possible.

“A tall car with a very rough angular shape is clearly not suitable for pedestrians from the point of view of the safety of a passenger car. It is quite possible that in America it will now be certified or has already been certified as a truck,” – suggests the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel” Maxim Kadakov.

And yet the creators of the Cybertruck are tireless. They claim that their brainchild will revolutionize the field of utilitarian cars. Gasoline and diesel pickups will be consigned to the dustbin of history, because here it is – an electric car that looks like a chisel.

“We started looking at pickup trucks on the market and realized that we weren’t following what had already been done, but were looking at how best to create the strongest and most reliable pickup truck. We started choosing unusual, but not spectacular enough designs and working on it. We went for a long time in a circle and secretly from everyone, they began to do something radically different, very simple,” – says Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen.

The pickup truck has not yet begun to be sold, and social networks are already full of various comparisons of the Cybertruck, either with a lawn mower or with a garbage can. Whether he turns out to be better than people think, time will tell. But the history of the automotive industry knows such cases when surprisingly ugly cars became bestsellers. But the conventionally beautiful ones remained unclaimed.

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