The girl earned thousands of dollars a day by decorating Christmas trees topless (photo, video)

The model announced a prank offer and started decorating people’s Christmas trees topless for $300 an hour.

The OnlyFans model earned $3,500 a day displaying Christmas decorations topless. He gave details in a new video posted on the Tiktok saintest_sammi account.

Putting up a Christmas tree for the holidays is a long-standing tradition, but the OnlyFans model has found a way to make money doing it for some of her followers.

After taking to social media and asking customers in the Florida area if they needed tree decorations, she received more than 30 responses, surprising even herself. What’s even funnier is the money he earned in the process. Later, the woman showed off a huge salary for decorating Christmas trees topless.

He said he expects only a few people to be interested in the idea. He was under the impression that most of his fans had already set up their Christmas trees. She later admitted that she decided to charge the same rate ($300 per hour) that she usually charged for topless maid service. It looks like he’s going to have a very green Christmas, as his followers have noted.

“Today’s topless Christmas decorations totaled $3,500!” – he shouted, fanning himself with money.

The girl’s funny proposal got out of control. It got a lot of responses. The model began decorating people’s Christmas trees topless for $300 an hour. He also received tips.

@sincerest_sammi Introducing “The Harlot Who Stole Christmas” #fyp ♬ Holiday Bae Instrumental – SAMUEL GRACE

Let us also remind you that the girl shared the story of her 22-year friendship with a turtle on December 10. Some friendships last a lifetime, especially when one of the friends is an African tortoise that can live up to 100 years. When she was 7 years old, Caitlin Doran from California asked Santa for an African tortoise. Surprisingly, his Christmas wish came true. Now his videos get tens of thousands of views.

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