The US wanted to increase forces in the Red Sea due to Houthi attacks

Photo: © Global Look Press/US Navy

The US wanted to increase forces in the Red Sea due to Houthi attacks

Photo: © Global Look Press/US Navy

US authorities are urging allies in the Joint Maritime Force coalition to increase the size of the task force deployed in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden to more effectively counter attacks by Yemen’s Houthis on commercial ships. The Washington Post writes about this.

The remaining anonymous US Department of Defense official revealed that during the negotiations, Washington indicates the interest of many countries in uninterrupted commercial shipping. However, he claims that currently coalition members from 39 countries are assessing how they can take part in the operation, and the timing of its implementation has not been established. However, a senior White House official disagreed and said negotiations were already in an active stage.

It is also noted that Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin a week earlier discussed with Saudi Defense Minister Khaled bin Salman Al Saud the issue of “the Houthi threat to freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.”

On December 9, the Yemeni Houthis once again announced that they would obstruct ships heading to Israel.

Let us recall that Yemeni rebels captured the Galaxy Leader ship in the Red Sea and captured its crew in response to Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

The Houthis said they would hand over the ship to the Jewish state only after it withdraws its army from the Palestinian enclave. Israel denied its involvement in the ship, but did not release the hostages.

Now the Houthis have turned the captured ship into a photo shoot.

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