50 billion or “Plan B”: EU sets deadline for accepting aid to Ukraine – media

EU leaders hope to accept the 50 billion euro package but are also preparing alternative options to support Ukraine. Meanwhile, experts warn that Vladimir Putin is ready to fight until 2030.

An emergency EU summit will be held in Brussels on February 1 to discuss aid to Ukraine. This is stated in the Euractiv material published on January 10.

EU leaders are trying to pass a 50 billion euro aid package previously vetoed by Hungary. This money is supposed to be used to support Ukraine for four years.

According to media reports, the EU is also preparing a “Plan B” that includes aid packages of up to 20 billion euros. Hungary also proposed dividing the package into 50 billion parts and holding an annual vote on the allocation of each piece.

Unnamed sources from the European Union reported that Ukraine was promised to provide funds no later than March, regardless of the conditions.

What are the problems of supporting Ukraine?

The media noted growing concerns about the possible advance of the Russian Armed Forces due to the lack of funds and ammunition in the EU and the USA. Partners assume that it will be difficult for Ukraine to achieve results on the front line, and therefore focus their efforts on ensuring that the Ukrainian Armed Forces can hold the front line.

The material says that the decisive question in 2024 will be who can last longer on the battlefield. Nico Lange, an employee of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), said that Ukraine has already had to save on artillery ammunition. In some areas of the front, defenders do not have a chance to respond.

“This is a direct result of wrong policies on the European side, operating with wrong assumptions and not making the necessary industrial decisions,” the expert said.

He explained that Russia had begun to increase its firepower advantage before the onset of winter. At the same time, disputes arose in the West over the supply of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine.

“This is a strategic mistake made by Germany, as well as France, Italy and Spain, the classic large core of European states in NATO. They underestimated that this could be a long war and wanted it to end quicker,” Lange said. he emphasized. .

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not intend to return to “any normal way of life.” The Kremlin leader is ready to continue the wars for as long as necessary, even until 2030.

Let us remind you that the Pentagon has also run out of money for military aid to Ukraine. Spokesperson Pat Ryder said the Defense Department must get approval for additional funding from the U.S. Congress.

Media reported on January 8 that U.S. senators and President Joe Biden’s administration were working on an agreement. If concluded, tens of billions of dollars of aid could come to Ukraine.

Source: Focus


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