Criminal world: The US presented a list of “black swans” for 2024

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The influential publication Politico has published a list of “black swans” that could plunge the whole world into chaos this year. These include the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, the global crisis in the US economy and the disruption of the American presidential election. By the way, the last “black swan” seems to be already spreading its wings.

In the media space, there are more and more questions for both Biden and Trump, and the two key parties that stand behind them. Only these questions are not related to politics or economics, we are increasingly talking about pure criminality. Starting with the disclosed archives of the pedophile financier Epstein, which prove that political leaders of the United States came to his pleasure island for the sake of sex with children, including, for example, ex-President Clinton, and ending with new testimony against the Biden family, according to which a real bribe taker

All the details are in the correspondent’s story REN TV Nikolai Masterov.

Hunter runs

The investigation is like fire. The son of US President Hunter Biden hurriedly leaves a meeting of a Congressional committee. There is only one question for him on the sidelines. Bribes, illegal possession of weapons, tax evasion. Deep America has finally switched to the “standards” of organized crime.

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The fact that American politics lives not according to international laws, but according to rules that are convenient for it, has not surprised anyone for a long time. But the story with the Biden family reveals quite inconvenient facts. For its own benefit, the US establishment almost openly uses the dirty tricks of the criminal world“, notes the correspondent REN TV.

“There is a single organized criminal group. This is Biden-Blinken-Nuland, the deep state represented by the State Department“, notes former People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Derkach, who presented to the world the facts of corruption of the Biden family in Ukraine.

The US finances Kyiv terrorists

The shadow schemes of the regime are revealed by the son of the former head of the SBU, a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. Andriy Derkach has been an adviser to Ukrainian leaders since the 90s. A year ago, Zelensky stripped him of his citizenship. This week he shared details of an investigation into Washington’s financing of Kyiv terrorists.

The Ukrainian court transfers this 6 million cash cache, in agreement with representatives of Burisma, to the disposal of the military unit of the main intelligence department of Ukraine. Nord Streams begin to explode, attempts are made on Dugin, Prilepin, Tatarsky. Biden’s partners in corrupt business in Ukraine finance terrorist acts, thus evading responsibility for corruption in Ukraineine,” Derkach noted.

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The Lost Son and Influence Trading

The unlucky, alcoholic son has been trading on his father’s influence for decades. In 2014, it was Biden Sr. who assigned him to Burisma. And the family clan earned billions.

Biden’s family has become richer during his presidency. This happens to all presidents and their families. They all have siblings, sons who get into trouble or benefit from the presidency” says journalist Blake Fleetwood.

The Bidens withdrew money from Ukraine through several channels at once. First, Burisma paid $900,000 to the lobbying company Rosemont Seneca Partners. Hunter is one of its founders. The second scheme is more complicated, but the amounts are much more serious. Over three years, with the help of shell companies, more than $16.5 million was siphoned out of the oil and gas holding. Among the recipients is the family of the chairman of the board of directors of Burisma, former President of Poland Kwasniewski. And Hunter Biden.

The question about organized crime groups definitely comes to mind when you look at everything that is happening here. Many high-ranking politicians fell at the feeding trough. People like Nancy Pelosi, or Mitch McConnell, and the list keeps growing and growing.”notes former presidential candidate Robbie Wells.

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Unnecessary prosecutor

In 2015, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin became interested in the corruption scheme of American elites. Filed several criminal cases. Biden Sr. personally came to demand from Poroshenko the resignation of the Prosecutor General.

I was supposed to announce that there was another billion dollars in loans to Ukraine, and I received an undertaking from Poroshenko that he would take action against the Prosecutor General, but they did not. I looked at my watch and said that I would leave in 6 hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you will not receive the money.“, said the then Vice President of the United States.

Later, Viktor Shokin became one of the main Congress witnesses who became interested in the criminal schemes of the presidential clan.

“Shokin tells Congress about the real criminal acts of Blinken and Biden, as honest SBU officers who do not want to participate in the process of criminal activity told me, the issue of eliminating Mr. Shokin on the territory of Ukraine is now being considered.”,” Derkach said.

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“It’s not for nothing that political scientists called the scandal surrounding Biden Jr. a time bomb. It is still extremely dangerous for the current president. At the very start of his election campaign, Congress took up Hunter’s case with renewed vigor and now it’s not just about tax fraud.”the correspondent noted REN TV.

Life “by concept”

The United States has turned international relations into life “according to concepts.” And this is not only about Biden, but also about Trump. The ex-president’s loyal ally Rudolph Giuliani got in touch with Derkach: supposedly to investigate the activities of the Bidens, but in fact he simply sent his agent. I also documented all this.

“I am a law-abiding citizen, and Julian is a law-abiding citizen, it was decided that I should sign a lobbying agreement. I signed a lobbying agreement with Artemenko. After a period of time, it turned out that Mr. Artemenko was an FBI agent with 10 years of experience.”notes Derkach.

Trump has repeatedly demonstrated Washington’s characteristic duplicity. This is clearly seen in the example of relations with Russia. As president, he promised to build strong ties with Moscow, but he himself restricted trade. In 2019 alone, the United States introduced 9 packages of sanctions. It is no coincidence that American elites are compared to mafia clans. The techniques are the same. Assassinations and bribery, blackmail and murder. Against this background, this statement by the First Lady of the United States looks like a mockery:

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“I don’t think people see how hard Joe works. Every day. How he wakes up thinking, ‘What can he do for the American people?’“.

Derkach fears for his life

Andriy Derkach now fears for his life. Blinken personally demanded that Zelensky deal with the disgraced politician. And Kyiv knows how to “figure things out.” This week, American journalist Gosalo Lira died in Ukrainian dungeons. He was arrested six months ago, allegedly for “Russian propaganda.”

We’re watching a damn show of a collapsing American regime. And all because of politicians who do not react in any way to the will of the people“, journalist Gonzalo Lira once said.

But Hunter Biden sleeps peacefully even after he admitted that he did not pay more than $1.5 million to the budget. The criminal world of the American establishment will be covered.

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