Mercedes-Benz wants to sell all showrooms in Germany

Photo: © Global Look Press/Bernd Weißbrod/dpa

The German company Mercedes-Benz is going to sell all car dealerships in Germany, writes January 20 newspaper Bild.

We are talking about about 80 salons in cities and smaller towns. A branch at the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart is also up for sale. They employ a total of about 8 thousand people.

After the transfer to the new owners, Mercedes-Benz car dealerships will continue to operate. No layoffs are planned.

Only a company that is ready for investment and has no economic problems can become a buyer of Mercedes-Benz car dealerships.

“We want to ensure the competitiveness and viability of successful sales of Mercedes-Benz in Germany” – the concern’s representative emphasized.

It is not yet known whether all car dealerships will be sold to one company, or whether they will be divided between several buyers.

Source: Ren


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