REN TV will tell how throwing a snowball led to war in the USA

Photo: © Global Look Press/Voller Ernst/Siegfried Steinac

In the United States, during the Civil War, the tradition of snow skirmishes spread, when soldiers had fun during the lull between real battles. Told some details about this REN TV culturologist, publicist, art critic Zhanna Polanski.

“In 1863, a record-breaking snow battle took place in the snowy hills of Virginia during the Civil War. 10 thousand people took part in it on both sides,” – said the expert.

Zhanna Polanski also mentioned that at Princeton University there is a tradition of holding snow battles between 1st and 2nd year students.

“They involve 250 people on each side. Pre-prepared snowballs are stacked on the football field so that they are made only of snow. But some students manage to stuff ice inside, and because of this, injuries often occur.” – the culturologist shared.

What other interesting facts are there in the history of winter fun? How did throwing a snowball lead to the war in the USA? Why did Europeans blush with shame because of snowmen? How did Peter I change ice skates? Details about this and much morein the program “Unknown History” with Boris Ryzhov. Watch it on Sunday, January 21, at 11:30 on REN TV.

Source: Ren


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