An ecologist talks about killer whales trapped in ice: “They’ll last one or two days”

Photo: © AP/TASS

A pod of killer whales found themselves “trapped in ice” in Japanese territorial waters. This group of cetaceans represents the so-called Far Eastern carnivorous population, which lives in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk most of the year, explained in a conversation with REN TV ecologist Dmitry Lisitsyn. However, Japanese authorities have not yet taken any action to help the killer whales.

“Off the Japanese coast, a few kilometers from the coast, near the port of Rausu, a group of killer whales, about 12 individuals, was blocked by drifting ice, and they cannot get out of there on their own.”,” Lisitsyn pointed out.

The killer whales have gathered in a dense group, pushing away the ice floes, maintaining a small area of ​​free water to get air. However, their strength will not last long, the ecologist noted.

“So far, what we see is that the Japanese are watching, but are not making any efforts to help the animals get out into open water. This requires either an icebreaker or a reinforced ice-class vessel.”,” Lisitsyn pointed out.

Eclogue noted that this is the so-called Far Eastern carnivorous population, which is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is very important to save these animals, since this population is small and the loss of such a large group can have a very serious impact on the size of the entire population.

Let us remind you that residents of Japan, using drones, filmed how killer whales caught in an “ice trap” off the Japanese island of Hokkaido are fighting for their lives, supporting an open wormwood. The filming showed that the flock contains both adult animals and cubs.

Source: Ren


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