Visited 120 countries of the world: how the tallest man on the planet lives (photo, video)

Sultan Kösen from Turkey appeared in the pages of the Guinness Book of Records for the first time in 2009. Then his height was 246.5 cm.

Turkish giant Sultan Kösen, who is 251 centimeters tall, recently celebrated another year of being deemed worthy of the title of the world’s tallest man. The guy flew to Italy to participate in the filming of the popular show. The Guinness Book of Records writes about this on its website.

It was reported that 42-year-old Sultan was born with a genetic disorder. Due to the excessive secretion of growth hormone, he began to grow taller rapidly from the age of 10, which led to health problems, especially joint pain and bone deformation.

Kösen first appeared on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records in 2009: then his height was 246.5 cm. Experts also noted the abnormal size of his hands – 27.5 cm from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.

Two years later, in 2011, Sultan was measured again and it turned out that his height had increased to 251 cm, and arm length to 28.5 cm. These extraordinary figures are still considered an absolute record.

Although his enormous growth makes daily life difficult for the record holder, he does not give up and even managed to visit 120 countries around the world.

During the filming in Italy, Kjosen happily interacted with her fans and showed off her unique dimensions. The man confessed that he loved sweets and ate a miniature apple in his huge palm in front of television cameras.

Additionally, the Sultan has been the subject of scientific research many times. Scientists are studying his condition to better understand the mechanisms of development of gigantism and related diseases.

This unique resident of Turkey continues to inspire millions of people with his optimism and indomitable spirit, despite his physical disabilities.

By the way, Sultan is taller than the world’s tallest woman, Rumeisa Gelgi, by 36 cm and is therefore rightfully considered the tallest person in history.

Let’s remember this before Focus He told the story of 46-year-old Jason Appleton from Florida, America, who is already 60 cm taller than his wife Kristen, whose height is 1.52 cm. Lovers are not much bothered by this, but strangers often look at them and often treat them. They are like a tourist attraction. The man, on the contrary, does not hide that he is attracted, and the woman assures that a tall partner corresponds to her internal energy.

We also talked about the fate of a man who was considered a dwarf, but became a real “giant” due to a tumor. Austrian Adam Rainer was only 134 centimeters tall when he was 18 and over 2 meters tall when he was 30.

Source: Focus


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