Biden complained about the shortage of chips in packages

Photo: © Global Look Press/Karl Newedel/

US President Joe Biden has complained that there are fewer chips in bags of chips.

One thing you may have noticed when you’ve been shopping for snacks to watch football is that drink bottles are getting smaller and there are fewer chips in the bag of chips“, he said in a video posted on the social network by X.

According to the American leader, despite this, chips cost the same as before. Biden was outraged that companies, by reducing the amount of product in a package, think that no one will notice.

He called on them to stop deceiving the population and stop the so-called shrinkflation, that is, a manufacturer reducing the quantity, volume or weight of a product in a package while maintaining the selling price.

Earlier, the former doctor of Barack Obama and Donald Trump called for testing Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Source: Ren


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