A teenager with a knife attacked his classmates in a German gymnasium

Photo: © Global look press/dpa/Roberto Pfeil

In Wuppertal, Germany, a teenager attacked his classmates with a knife. Bild writes about this, citing the police.

The incident occurred on the morning of February 22 at the Wilhelm Dörpfeld Gymnasium. According to the publication, at least four schoolchildren were injured. It is not yet known how seriously they were injured.

Police have described the knife attack as an “attempted mass murder motivated by insanity.”“, – it says in the publication.

It is clarified that the attacker was also injured and is currently in the hospital under police protection. It is unknown whether he injured himself or was wounded during the arrest.

The school has been evacuated and all students are being monitored, officials said.

There is no additional information yet about the identity of the teenager who carried out the attack and the reasons that prompted him to do it.

Source: Ren


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