10 years ago the Rada removed Yanukovych: how the collapse of Ukraine was prepared

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Grigory Vasilenko

February 22, 2024 is the 10th anniversary of the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine. In fact, this is the official beginning of a coup d’etat in the country. In February 2014, amid bloody clashes in the center of Kyiv, the head of state seemed to have found a compromise with the opposition, but a day later the Maidan showed its true colors. With the tacit approval of the West, the Verkhovna Rada unanimously removed Yanukovych from office. Who and how prepared the collapse of the country, Leonid Kitrar said. More details in the story REN TV.

The nightmare could be over in a week

Maidan actually won. The government of Prime Minister Azarov resigned. President Yanukovych agreed with everything that the pogromists and nationalists demanded. There are already dozens of victims. And the entire center of Kyiv is in smoke, fire and chaos.

The fighters of the Berkut special forces still have no doubt: the whole Maidan nightmare could have been ended in a maximum of a week. But they stopped us from above.

“We, one might say, have already climbed over the barricades. We receive the command: “We are retreating back.” No one takes a step forward. We are retreating.” They are chasing us, throwing us at our backs.”says Avangard riot police officer Alexander.

“We had curators with us”

At the end of 2013, Alexander, together with the Luhansk Berkut, arrived on orders in Kyiv. Their main task was to protect the administration of the President of Ukraine. There was no talk of fighting the riots at all. Vice versa.

“We had curators with us. Each battalion was supervised by some person in civilian life. We didn’t even know who he was, what his relationship was with the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the SBU. They gave commands to the battalion commander, and the battalion commander gave orders to us.”– explained the Avangard riot police officer.

“Almost reached a compromise”

Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov in a conversation with “Izvestia” said: he himself asked the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs why the Berkut did not attack. Then it turned out that the command not to be zealous in defeating the rebels, apparently, was given by Yanukovych himself.

Photo: © TASS/Valentin Sprinchak

“Red lines have been crossed. Preparations for a coup are underway. I spoke about this at a government meeting on January 21. After that, Yanukovych called me and said: “You are disrupting peace negotiations for me. I’ve almost reached a compromise.”– former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov shared the details.

Ukraine is heading into chaos

On February 22, 2014, Viktor Yanukovych made an appeal all the way from Kharkov. Assuring that everything was under control and in general the Europeans and Americans promised to help.

“I am not going to resign. I am a legally elected president. I was given guarantees by all the international mediators with whom I worked”said the ex-president of Ukraine.

On the same day, the Verkhovna Rada unanimously removed Yanukovych from power and called new presidential elections, disregarding the country’s Constitution.

The next time Yanukovych appears in public will be in Rostov. International mediators – France and Germany – will forget about him instantly. The Maidan leaders will completely disappear from the information field, and Ukraine will plunge into the abyss of chaos and destruction.

Photo: © TASS/ZUMAPRESS.com/Tomasz Adamowicz

One order and nothing would have happened

Lugansk Berkut fighter Alexander and his comrades will come to Moscow to enlist.

“We arrived, we left. That’s it. (they say – approx. REN TV): “Guys, we followed your steps – we surfed the Internet and watched TV. We were so worried about you.” They hugged and shook hands. We didn’t expect it to be received this way. It’s like we’ve been serving here all our lives.”– Alexander admitted.

Their country did not need the fighters of the best law enforcement unit in Ukraine. In Russia, in the ranks of the Moscow riot police, Alexander and his military friends feel at home and grow in their careers. But we are still sure: one order then, in 2014, and everything that Ukraine has come to today would not have happened.

Source: Ren


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