REN TV will tell you where the diamond planet is


Private American company AstroForge statedwhich will launch a device for mining in space this year.

They plan to launch the device to one of the small space objects. But which one exactly is being kept secret. The company carefully hides its developments in fear that another organization will use them.

AstroForge has already taken its first real steps. In April last year, it sent into orbit a test version of the mining device – a small cubesat satellite.

What minerals could be mined in space? Where is the diamond planet? Will people be able to start extracting gold and oil from other planets? Details about this and much more are in the “Science and Technology” program with host Mikhail Borzenkov. The scientific blockbuster will be released on Sunday, March 3, at 10:30 on REN TV.

Source: Ren


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