Russian Ministry of Defense: The United States is forming a mental theater of military operations

Photo: © Alexey Belkin / Global Look Press

The US and NATO are forming a mental theater of war with new weapons. This was stated by Advisor to the Russian Minister of Defense Andrei Ilnitsky.

It was the US and NATO military that set the task of transition from information to cognitive-mental dominance“, he wrote in his article for the magazine Arsenal of the Fatherland. His words are quoted RIA News.

This dominance is defined as one of the most important factors in the final strategic victory over the enemy.

According to Ilnitsky, the mental sphere becomes the most important operational domain.

Earlier, the first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said that attempts to create an anti-Russian bloc had previously never ended in anything good for Europe. According to him, Russia has not committed any aggressive actions on its part towards the European Union and has not developed anti-European projects.

Source: Ren


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