“The risks are higher than ever”: US is preparing for war with China and is already conducting exercises, – WP

Journalists say China has significantly increased its influence in the Pacific by building artificial islands for military outposts in the South China Sea.

After 20 years of land wars in the Middle East, the U.S. Marine Corps is trying to adapt to island wars that could break out if Washington and Beijing go to war. The Washington Post writes about this.

According to journalists, the United States is creating small mobile units that are expected to collect information, assist the Pacific Fleet and sink ships with medium-range missiles. Thus, the United States is preparing to repel possible Chinese aggression against Taiwan, Japan and other allies.

The publication writes that the new units are designed as part of a broader strategy to synchronize the actions of American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen with the armed forces of allies and partners in the Pacific. The Pentagon’s attention is focused on an area stretching from Japan to Indonesia. True, China considers this region to be its sphere of influence.

Analysts are confident that the overall US strategy is promising. However, it currently faces significant obstacles such as logistical problems, timely delivery of equipment and new technologies, and an overburdened defense industry. There is also uncertainty about whether the United States’ regional partners will allow U.S. troops to fight on their islands.

“This last part is crucial. Beijing sees the US strategy of deepening security alliances in the Pacific as an escalation that has unnerved some officials in partner countries who fear they could be dragged into a conflict between the two powers,” the report said.

According to journalists, the risks are now higher than ever.

China’s militarization: what is known

Beijing’s aggressive military modernization and defense investments over the past two decades have called into question the United States’ ability to control the seas and skies in any conflict in the Western Pacific, the publication writes.

China is reportedly significantly expanding its influence in the Pacific by building artificial islands for military outposts in the South China Sea and seeking to expand bases in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

According to journalists, China not only has the largest army, navy and air forces in the region, but also has an advantage within the country. With nearly 1 million troops, more than 3,000 aircraft and more than 300 ships, it is located near any potential war. Meanwhile, American ships and aircraft will have to travel thousands of kilometers or rely on the good will of allies to deploy troops and weapons.

The document states that China is targeting Taiwan. Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to reunite the island with mainland China if necessary. A successful invasion would not only cause massive loss of life and destruction in Taiwan, but would also have disastrous economic consequences due to the destruction of the world’s most advanced semiconductor industry and maritime traffic on some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Recall that in March, Admiral John Aquilino, head of US Indo-Pacific Command, said China wanted to attack Taiwan in 2027. According to him, in three years the Chinese Armed Forces increased the number of fighters by 400 units and large warships by 20 units.

Source: Focus


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