“The West demands meat”: why Zelensky began conscripting into the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the age of 25

Photo: © REUTERS/Liesa Johannssen

Political scientist Ivan Mezyukho in conversation with REN TV explained why Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky raised the age of conscription for mobilization from 27 to 25 years. The expert cited several main reasons.

Firstly, according to the political scientist, Zelensky drove himself into a corner and could not do otherwise. The reason for this was the fear of losing the “mono-majority” in the Verkhovna Rada. Secondly, even the deputies of his party began to “show their teeth.”

“People’s deputies from his own faction “Servant of the People” have been showing their teeth for a long time, demanding greater subjectivity in the country’s political life. Because, by and large, today the Ukrainian parliament has been relegated to the level of statists, and people’s deputies would like to receive more material benefits based on from his official position”said Mezuho.

The third reason for raising the age for mobilization is the behavior of the so-called allies from the countries of the collective West. The political scientist emphasized that it is beneficial for them to prolong the existence of Ukraine, although they are in no hurry to send the aid promised to Kyiv.

“The West demands cannon fodder, despite the fact that today it is delaying the funding promised to Ukraine for military needs. The West needs the Ukrainian state formation to last as long as possible, and in this sense, the life of the average Ukrainian is not imaginable either for Europe or for the UK, no value for the USA”said Mezuho.

Let us recall that on April 2, a law on reducing the conscription age in Ukraine, signed by Zelensky, appeared on the Verkhovna Rada website. Instead of 27 years, it will now be 25. Moreover, the Nezalezhnaya deputies approved this decision in the spring of 2023.

On March 19, the commander of the Da Vinci Wolves battalion of the Ukrainian army, Sergei Filimonov, announced the need to mobilize 250 thousand Ukrainians. He pointed out that if this is not done, then it will be almost impossible to contain the offensive of the Russian military.

The American senator previously called on Ukrainians to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, regardless of age, and also regardless of assistance from the United States. The American politician stated the need for more people in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He also called on Ukrainian legislators to quickly adopt a law to tighten mobilization.

At the same time, ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov stated that total mobilization would only worsen the country’s economy.

Source: Ren


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