US warns Russian Federation about possible terrorist attack in Crocus City – WP

According to journalists, the United States informed the Russian Federation that the concert hall was a potential target of Islamic State terrorists. This directly contradicts Moscow’s statements.

More than two weeks before the shooting and massacre in the Moscow region, American officials informed Russia of an impending terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall. The Washington Post writes about this, citing its sources.

According to journalists, the United States informed the Russian Federation that the concert hall was a potential target of Islamic State terrorists. This directly contradicts Moscow’s claims that US warnings were too general to help prevent an attack.

This fact raises new questions about why the Russians did not take more decisive measures to protect this place, the publication writes. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed more than 140 people. The United States says Islamic State-Khorasan militants were responsible for organizing the attack, while Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin is trying to blame Ukraine.

The documents say that the terrorist attack in Moscow further weakened the image of power and security that Putin was trying to create. The attack exposed fundamental weaknesses in the Russian national security apparatus.

According to analysts and observers of Russian politics, Putin’s agents inside the country appear more interested in suppressing political dissent and opposition to the president than in rooting out terrorist plots.

Putin reportedly publicly rejected US warnings just three days before the attack, calling them “military blackmail”.

After the attack, Sergei Naryshkin, head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, told reporters in Moscow that the information shared by the USA was very general. According to him, in response to American intelligence information, Russia allegedly “took appropriate measures to prevent” the attack.

Journalists noted that videos taken from the scene showed that the militants did not encounter serious resistance, and that special police teams arrived only an hour after the attack began and then waited for more than 30 minutes before entering the building. Meanwhile, the attackers managed to escape.

The document states that the United States regularly shares information about possible terrorist attacks with other countries. But providing data on specific militant targets is an unusual step.

“This could reveal how the United States obtained this information and potentially compromise covert surveillance activities or human resources,” the article said.

The sources said the United States shared information with Moscow a day before the public warning to American citizens in the Russian Federation.

Let us also remind that Russia accused Ukraine of opening fire on Crocus City Hall and demanded the arrest of SBU head Vasily Malyuk. The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Ukraine will assume international legal responsibility for the alleged terrorist attacks. The ministry explained that we are talking about murders and attempts on the life of propagandists, as well as explosions on the Crimean Bridge.

Additionally, Putin hinted that revenge would be taken against those who organized the terrorist attack in Crocus City. According to Russian journalists, the President of the Russian Federation said that it is necessary to identify not only the direct perpetrators, but also all participants in the chain, including the “ultimate criminal beneficiaries.”

Source: Focus


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