After attacks on refineries, Russia’s leading companies had to look for a way to save fuel

Attacks on oil refinery facilities in the Russian Federation have created problems with aviation fuel in Russia, as well as forcing the country to ban gasoline exports for the second time in a year.

Aeroflot, Russia’s largest air carrier, has started using new methods to land planes in order to reduce fuel consumption. A company representative mentioned this in a comment to the RBC agency.

It was noted that such decisions resulted from a series of UAV attacks by Ukrainian forces against Russian oil refineries. As a result, the Russian market saw a decrease in the volume of oil products and an increase in their prices.

New landing methods in the Moscow air zone will be introduced on March 21. We are specifically talking about new landing methods that will help optimize flight time and reduce fuel costs. This “innovative” approach gives airliners the opportunity to save up to five minutes of flight time, which significantly affects the economic impact for Russian airlines. It also allows him to save money for further use in the war against Ukraine.

Aeroflot group planned to save more than 31.6 thousand tons of fuel by the end of this year due to the implementation of the new landing plan. So we are talking about savings of about 3 billion rubles, and this constitutes a significant part of the company’s operating expenses attributable to fuel.


Minus $1.5 billion per month: How much do Ukraine’s attacks on oil refineries cost the Russian Federation?

The justification for introducing optimal landing methods was the recent drone attacks on Russian refineries. In addition, this was also affected by the introduction of additional flight restriction zones in the Moscow airports area. It is about the goal of using resources more efficiently.

This very situation, in which airlines are forced to save fuel, demonstrates the influence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Russian economy and the national security of the aggressor country. Moreover, the correct selection of attack targets, especially oil refineries, is of strategic importance in the context of waging war and protecting one’s own interests.

In connection with the attacks on refineries, aviation fuel problems are not only experienced in Russia. On March 1, Russia imposed an official ban on gasoline exports. This is the second embargo imposed in the last six months.

Let us remind you that Ukrainian forces attacked three Russian oil refineries in Ryazan, Kstovo in the Nizhny Novgorod region and Kirishi in the Leningrad region on the night of March 15.

It also became known that on April 2, Ukraine attacked one of the largest Russian oil refineries, 1,300 kilometers from the front line.

Source: Focus


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