New York’s “Pechersk justice”: Why the seizure of Trump’s property was canceled

A court in New York reduced Donald Trump’s bail amount as much as possible in the case. Journalist Orest Sohar sees in this the outlines of an agreement in the US Congress to unblock aid to Ukraine – we will see this on April 9.

“Reduction justice”: Trump managed to avoid asset seizure “at the last minute”. It would seem, what does Ukraine have to do with it?

Pechersk justice may not be only in Kiev: the New York Court of Appeals sharply reduced the bail amount of Donald Trump in the financial fraud case: from $ 464 million to $ 175 million. The defendant received the “discount” a few hours before the hearing. In fact, the payment deadline had already begun to seize parts of a business empire.

The judge valued Trump’s freedom nearly as much as the former president’s defense wanted, “because it doesn’t exist anymore.”

The “Don” was given an additional 10 days to deposit these millions into the coffers of American justice.

Here one can believe in the humanism of American justice, but “nit”. Judge Arthur Engoron has long been reacting to Trump like a red rag because the scandalous politician gave him quite a bit of oil on his skin.

From the first day of the trial, Trump called the trial political revenge and Engoron – “left-wing radical democrat”.

Engoron received threats regarding mining at his private home.

Trump cited the close relationship between the New York court staffer and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Trump’s election website even published personal photos of the couple; It turned out that these were Photoshop creations.

Engoron even issued a special order banning Trump from commenting on the process and removing fake content from the site, threatening him with imprisonment.

And one more thing: in fact, Engoron is a democrat, which further deprives him of empathy with the “Don”.

The “last-minute” reduction is more reminiscent of the political agreement with the White House that required Republicans to unblock the allocation of aid to Ukraine in the House of Representatives: a new influx of optimism coming from the US presidential administration hints at this. We will know for sure after April 9, when congressmen of the lower house will return to work after the Easter recess.

New York prosecutors accused Trump of inflating capital by $3.6 billion to mislead banks. The court banned the billionaire from holding a leadership position in any company in New York state or receiving loans from state banks for three years.

To appeal, Trump had to post bail, otherwise the court would partially seize the billionaire’s assets.

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Source: Focus


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