“There was a state of shock”: an eyewitness spoke about the earthquake in Taiwan

Photo: © Haote Zhang/Handout via REUTERS

The earthquake that occurred in Taiwan was the strongest in the last 25 years, and during the cataclysm it was very scary, she said REN TV eyewitness Alexandra Golubkova.

The woman has been living on the island for about ten years, and the tremors have become the most terrible and powerful in her memory. Alexandra noted that on the day of the incident there were no signs of trouble; usually the island authorities send out warnings about possible danger in advance, but this time people did not receive any messages.

“There really was a state of shock, when the walls came together before my eyes, the horizon line floated, everything around was rattling, everything was falling off the shelves and breaking, and it was not clear what to do.”– said our interlocutor.

The woman works with children at school, so she immediately began to calm her charges, who were scared and in a state of shock. Alexandra controlled both her emotions and fear and supported the kids.

According to Golubkova, the epicenter of the tremors was located far enough from her place of residence, so they managed to get by with relatively little damage.

Let us recall that the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Pacific Ocean, 25 km southeast of the city of Hualien. After a series of tremors with a maximum magnitude of 7.5, several islands went under water, and landslides occurred in the mountains.

The earthquake in Taiwan is being called the strongest in the last 25 years. In Japan, they waited for a tsunami for several hours; waves of up to three meters were predicted.

Taiwanese authorities are using the military in the rescue operation. So far, nine deaths and more than 800 injuries are known. But the consequences of the disaster can be felt by the entire world economy. Semiconductor factories in the earthquake zone had to be evacuated.

Source: Ren


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