A plant is on fire near Rostov in Russia – rosSMI (video)

As the fire spread to an area of ​​250 square meters, company employees rushed to the street, calling rescue teams.

A fire broke out in a factory specializing in the production of polymer containers and soft packaging in the Russian city of Azov, located near Rostov-on-Don. Local media reported this.

The report said, “According to the Ministry of Emergencies, pallets at a polymer factory in Azov caught fire. The fire has already spread to an area of ​​250 square meters.”

Later, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations announced that the pallets caught fire in an open area, not in the factory building.

The enterprise itself is located at Nekrasova Lane, 47. According to Russian media, the flames spread to tens of square meters.

“Factory workers called rescuers and ran into the street,” the message said.

Let us recall that on April 3, Finnish President Alexander Stubb commented on Ukraine’s attacks on Russian oil refineries. He stated that drone attacks on Russian oil refineries are related to oil prices and the emergence of some related problems. But in war conditions such actions are completely justified.

The last drone attack on Russian military targets took place in Tatarstan on April 2., It is 1,200 km away from Ukraine. It exploded in the area where Shahed kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicles are produced and in the oil refinery complex.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also commented on the latest UN statements on April 3 “condemning” drone attacks on Russian oil refineries. He invited the authors of such statements to come to Ukraine and see how people live under bombardment, without water and light.

Source: Focus


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