“Get lost in Ukraine!”: In Warsaw, several Poles beat a Belarusian woman for speaking Russian (video)

The victim at first tried to ignore the attackers, but the Polish woman spat in his face and then kicked his ass. Poles can be drunk.

On April 30 in Warsaw, a local man and woman attacked a Russian-speaking Belarusian girl on the street. Poles believed that the girl was Ukrainian. This Polish publication was reported by wprost.

The incident occurred near the Księcia Janusza metro station, where a 22-year-old Belarusian woman was walking with her friend and speaking to him in Russian. Suddenly an adult couple approached them. Allegedly using obscene language, the woman demanded that the girls return to Ukraine.

The girls tried to ignore the woman, but she continued to insult them, and at one point approached the Belarusian woman and told her to “get lost in Ukraine!” he said, then the woman spat in his face and tried to leave. In response, the Belarusian player kicked him in the hip. The Polish woman turned around, grabbed the Belarusian woman by the hair, and the man accompanying her hit the girl several times.

At first no passerby intervened, but a few minutes later one of the passersby said he was going to call the police. The Polish woman was frightened by this threat and ran away with her husband to the neighboring garden. The Belarusian woman was told to wait for the bus and go to the police, and she reported the attack.

In response, the Belarusian woman filed a complaint with the police because she received a traumatic brain injury. According to him, some of the attackers may have been under the influence of alcohol.

It is stated that the perpetrators face up to three years in prison.

On the night between April 30 and May 1, 24-year-old St. Let us remind you that a resident of St. Petersburg set himself on fire near the military registration and enlistment office. The person, whose 90 percent of his body was burned, was taken to the hospital. He later died.

It was also reported that the 36-year-old Wagnerite, who was previously pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin, stabbed to death a mosque minister in the Saratov region, and fled to the occupied part of the Donetsk region to return after the murder. what’s that.

Source: Focus


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