Russian man faces execution for creating drug trafficking network in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, a Russian was arrested for drug trafficking. Together with two Ukrainians, Konstantin Kruts oversaw the business of producing and distributing prohibited substances, moreover, on an industrial scale.

The total earnings of the illegal factory amount to billions of rubles. But neither conspiracy nor a high fence helped drug traffickers hide from harsh Indonesian justice.

According to the law, they now face the death penalty. Are there any chances of mitigating the sentence – the correspondent looked into it REN TV Khairbek Almakaev.

Indonesian police officers count the catch. A clandestine laboratory on the island of Bali was busted as a result of a major anti-drug raid. Among the detainees are a Russian and two citizens of Ukraine.

The production was located on the territory of a spacious villa. In a cottage behind a high fence, three foreigners and one local resident were doing chemicals. The laboratory produced synthetics on an almost industrial scale. Hundreds of kilograms of reagents and precursors for the production of the potion were seized. In addition, a hydroponic marijuana plantation was discovered. Goods ready for sale were stored nearby.

“Almost 10 kilograms of hydroponic marijuana, 437 grams of mephedrone, and several hundred kilograms of various chemical precursors for the production of synthetic drugs were seized.”said National Drug Council spokesman Pribadi Sembiring.

Two twin brothers from Ukraine, Ivan and Mikhail Volovoda, acted as chemists and agronomists. Relatives were responsible for the production of synthetic drugs and the cultivation of marijuana. They also involved a Russian, Konstantin Kruts, in the illegal business. He transported drugs, was responsible for the sale of small quantities and made so-called bookmarks.

“The national police arrested four people in connection with the production and trafficking of drugs. One local resident and three foreigners. These are two brothers from Ukraine and one Russian. The arrest was made during a raid on a clandestine drug laboratory.”,” said Wahyu Widada, a spokesman for the Indonesian National Police.

In addition to marijuana, the police seized proceeds from the sale – cryptocurrency worth 4 billion rupees, which is almost the same amount in rubles. As it turned out, a whole network of such laboratories was organized in the region.

All detainees admitted guilt and are actively cooperating with the investigation. According to local laws, they could face the death penalty. For our compatriot, the only chance to avoid death is to seek deportation.

“In accordance with Article 69 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Russia is obliged to protect the rights of its citizens, including abroad. Naturally, in this regard, I have no doubt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have to take part in order to prevent reprisals against our compatriot.”said human rights activist Ivan Melnikov.

However, returning to his homeland does not guarantee Konstantin Cruts release from liability.

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